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Directional Coupler


Measurement and control of radio frequency (RF) power is a critical consideration when designing a wireless Directional Coupler. The RFDC Directional Coupler series operates in different frequency ranges from 5MHz to 7200 MHz. Different frequency ranges are described as per the model numbers in the Table:1.

The Directional Coupler uses a SMA connector to facilitate the connection to RF test equipment. 

RFME Directional Coupler
Frequency Model Number
Start(MHz) Stop(MHz)
5 1000 RFDCF505-108
1000 2170 RFDCF108-218
2170 2700 RFDCF218-278
2300 4300 RFDCF238-438
4400 7200 RFDCF448-728

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