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Measurement and control of radio frequency (RF) power is a critical consideration when designing a splitter/Combiner. The RFSC Splitter/Combiner series operates in different frequency ranges from 5MHz to 7000 MHz. Different frequency ranges are described as per the model numbers in the Table:1.

These Splitter/Combiner enable testing of application where power division is required. The devices RFSC require no additional support circuitry.

The signal input/output uses a SMA connector to facilitate the connection to RF test equipment. 

RFME Splitter/Combiners
Frequency Model Number
Start(MHz) Stop(MHz)
5 1000 RFSCF505-108
1800 3200 RFSCF188-328
2800 4200 RFSCF288-428
3800 5900 RFSCF388-598

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