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The RFRxV is a wide bandwidth power detector which operates from 1MHz to 10000MHz & capable of accurately converting an RF input signal to a corresponding decibel-scaled output. It employs the progressive Compression technique over a cascaded amplifier chain each stage is equipped with a detector cell.

The input dynamic range is typically 50dB (referenced to 50 Ohm) with less than ±3 dB error. They are used in various communication test setups for either measurement or controller modes. RFRxV is a portable, cost effective as well as fulfils all quality standards.

Stability over temperature is ±0.5 dB

RFME Power Detector Series
Frequency(MHz) Model Number
Start Stop
01 6000 RFRxV016-608
01 10000 RFRxV016-109
01 10000 RFPD016-109-75O

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